PLVNET’s core may be firmly rooted in Rock given its molten core of driving guitars, but it takes more than that to build a habitable world. Layered above that fiery center, listeners can find traces of Classical, Jazz and Blues influence making up the crust.

Like their name sake, a diverse cross-section of cultural flavors can be heard dotting the ‘soundscapes’. Some of the sounds of PLVNET can be earthy, primal and archaic while other regions show a more modern electronic edge. If you add all that together and top it with an atmosphere that can quickly turn from airy and calm to thunderous and turbulent like the weather, then you are beginning to understand what this PLVNET is about.

Glistening rock with spirited choruses and a charged romanticism, makes “Weather” a winner.

ValleyFM 89.5 Radio Station

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